Long-term Economic Plan

Sir Alan is a passionate supporter of the Coalition Government and is proud of what it has achieved during 5 years in office. On the Government's record, Sir Alan said:

"This Government has a record of economic success. 

"In Government, the Conservative-led Government have cut the deficit in half since entering office. We are safeguarding our economy for the long term, so that future generations aren’t left to clear up the mess from a previous Government, as was the case in 2010.

"Polling day on 7th May presents us with a stark choice – do we follow the long-term economic plan which he have stuck to so successfully in this parliament, or do we hand the keys back to the people who crashed the car? Do we opt for competence or economic chaos?

"In Government, we have cut income tax for 25 million people, cancelled many of Labour’s fuel duty rises and made life easier for small businesses and people across the country, as well as creating more jobs in the UK than the total number of jobs created in the rest of the EU member states.

"Since the 2010 General Election, the Coalition Government has created almost 2.2million apprenticeships, and has committed to creation of a further 3 million if elected. Unlike Labour, the Conservatives are standing up for the young people who were once ignored and blindly encouraged to go to university. Recognising that university isn’t right for everyone, we have created opportunities for young people who would otherwise be left behind.

"In the Saffron Walden constituency, unemployment is currently at 0.9%. We have record numbers of people currently in work and there are clear signs that the Government’s long-term economic plan is working."