The end of a busy and eventful year

Its first half was dominated by the General Election. As the date was known long in advance the campaign itself was extended. I began engaging with voters on the doorstep in January and intensified my efforts as the weeks passed. I reckon that my team and I knocked on over 12,000 doors. 

I remain grateful to those who gave me such an empathetic endorsement in the Saffron Walden constituency. Naturally I was pleased with the overall result and the pleasure was intensified by the surprise it was to the pundits who explained for two hours after polls closed how it could not be happening. 

But it is not long before it's back to business. The problems quickly announce themselves: welfare reform, EU negotiation, climate change, migration crisis and, most sombrely, terror attack. All those issues will spill into the New Year. 
On my local agenda the improvement of our health services, railway lines, airport capacity and the supply of broadband loom large. Perhaps in 2016 we shall achieve greater progress and more certainty.
For now I hope your Christmas will be all you would wish it to be and your New Year a time of peace and improved prosperity.