Stansted Health Centre update


I am delighted to hear that Stansted’s Primary Care Centre development has finally gained approval from the NHS.

I have been campaigning for this outcome for what seems to have been an extremely long time.
The need for replacement GP facilities in the village has been apparent for many years. The addition of Forest Hall to the Stansted community has dramatically added to the pressure. At last not only can there be modern, well-equipped premises, but additional community services as well.

I am sure that the decision that all is now agreed will come as profound relief to Stansted residents. Whether it was ever going to happen has been a nagging fear for too long. Several obstacles – cost, location and planning – have had to be overcome on the way.

All along I have kept in close touch with the NHS decision makers trying to make sure that the money set aside for the scheme was not going to disappear whilst the plan for the centre in Stansted was taking a while to finalise. I am grateful to the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group for staying loyal to the cause and for persuading NHS England to back the project. The patience of Hilton Properties should also be appreciated.

We can now all look forward with great anticipation.